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Services We offer a range of car valeting services

At Mobile Detailing Essex, we don’t believe it should cost an arm and a leg to look after your car, so we decided to combine quality with affordability.

On average, our cars are the second largest purchase we will make in our lifetime, so why not give it the care it deserves!

We treat your car as if it were our own, so if you aren’t happy, neither are we.

We always use the market leading products so you can be assured that your car will receive the best treatment.

mde correction

Machine Polishing

For those seeking perfection we offer machine polishing and full paint correction packages to remove scratches, swirls and hazing from your vehicles paint.

When correcting the paint on your car, we work hard to ensure the paint is looking better than the day you bought it!

Over time your vehicle will accumulate scratches which results in a rough and unsightly appearance, particularly in the sunlight.

Our correction packages flatten and smooth the paint to remove these defects leaving a crystal clear, mirror-like finish.

mde protection

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is the pinnacle in vehicle protection and is essential for preserving a vehicles value and enhancing its looks.

This nano coating chemically bonds to your vehicles paint. It is extremely durable and offers un-rivalled protection compared to waxes and sealants.

Ceramic coating protects your paint from scratches, chemicals and extreme heat while also providing a super high gloss finish that repels dirt and water.

Mobile Detailing Essex is Coating Farm accredited which demonstrates our knowledge, care and expertise in ceramic coating.

mde detailing

Professional Maintenance

Our valeting packages offer great value for those that desire nothing but the best wash for their vehicle. These are perfect for a one-off clean to increase the re-sale value or for regular professional maintenance at the convenience of your own home.

If you are looking for that extra edge our detailing packages include a full decontamination of the paints surface resulting in a silky smooth, high gloss finish.

We only use premium brands and safe wash techniques to ensure the best care for your vehicle in order to restore it to its former glory.


  • david

    I can’t fault Alfie’s work. First class service exceptional attention to detail. Well done, very satisfied.

  • Ciaran

    Unreal service!!! 100% commitment to your car and he won’t stop till the work is done! Went the extra mile and had a go at removing some scratches on the inside of the car that I hadn’t paid for! Couldn’t be more pleased!!!


    Outstanding service, definitely went the extra mile and could not be more pleased with the outcome. My car looks outstanding! Would not hesitate recommending and will definitely use them again!

  • Dudley

    I had my car ceramic coated on Saturday by Alfie. He spent the whole day on my car and the work he carried out was superb. Definitely showroom quality. Thanks for fantastic service.

  • Alex

    Many thanks to MDE for arranging to re-coat my 335d after an accident repair – Going the extra mile and delivering an excellent service as promised. Many thanks!


The Best Products We use the best products from the following brands:



Based in the heart of Essex we offer an affordable mobile detailing service without a compromise in quality. We tailor our services to each individual car to ensure you only pay for what you need.

Our service is completely mobile and all we need is a water hose and accessible power plug. If this is not possible due to living in a flat, you are welcome to bring your car to us!

Use the instant quote calculator or get in touch for a free consultation. We also cover areas outside of Essex upon request, let us know and we will happily quote you.

Recent Cars We get to work on some amazing cars, here are some recent ones

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